Be prepared to leave a piece of you in Gorongosa and be moved by the entire experience. A safari at Gorongosa National Park, is like no other in Africa, that we can guarantee!

Muzimu Tented Camp offers the perfect location and professional team to guide you on your journey that will be Gorongosa National Park.

Years of conflict took its toll on this once thriving park, leaving the animals few and sparse. It is thought that more than 90% of the animals were destroyed.

In 2008, The Carr Foundation teamed up with the Government of Mozambique to create The Gorongosa Restoration project. The main objective being to protect biodiversity and uplift surrounding communities.

Today the park is home to more than 78,000 large mammals.


“Gorongosa means a lot to Mozambicans. It is an icon in terms of biodiversity and a tourism destination and has been so throughout generations. It’s the flagship National Park, as Yellowstone is for the United States and Kruger is for South Africa.” Mateus Mutemba, Gorongosa National Park Warden


“This is a story of recovery, of hope, of restoration. And so we are here to heal this and probably a little part of ourselves too”  Paola Bouley, Gorongosa Lion Project Director and Co-Founder